This electric guitar is a combination of a Fender Stratocaster neck and a Squier body. Someone else out there has a Strat body and a Squier neck apparently! My dad got it after the original owner passed away, which makes the guitar around 15-20 years old, I'm not exactly sure. Originally it had a simple black glossy finish, which was fine but I thought it was a bit boring. After a long period of thinking it over, I took this baby apart and gave it new funky colours and a different design in March 2019. Mint green is one of my favourite colours and purple works as a nice accent. The idea of the design is that the purple part looks like a shadow. I named the guitar Minty for obvious reasons. I love this guitar a lot more now that it has been painted and I would recommend anyone to paint their instrument if they can, it really makes you feel like the instrument is special and yours!