DEVIN is a demon who got cast out of hell fairly recently, the reason being a lack of passion for his job. Demons naturally search for the place on Earth that comforts them the most, in Devin’s case this was a forest. Devin has a connection with nature and has a strong drive to protect it, more so than with humans. This led to them becoming a sort of forest guardian, protecting and watching over all the creatures. They worked together with a pack of deer in particular, which became like family. All this together led to almost no contact with humans. Because of this, Devin does not know how to speak English as they have never needed to learn it. They do not know how to read or write, but they’ve been working on it! Devin recently got transported to the city due to an unfortunate run-in with hunters and is trying to adapt to human city life, all the while searching for the forest that they originally came from. Devin struggles with human definitions of identity and uses he/they pronouns.